About Kings Score

We know from the old days: playing a pool at the football club or in a group of friends. Great fun guaranteed. Except for those who had to keep track of everything... Kings Score takes care of the administration in a fully automated way and takes care of the calculation and publication of rankings. Create a pool focused on your favourite sport, combine sports or choose matches from your own club.


Kings Score wants to connect, unburden, interest and excite. We do this by:

  • connecting people from different social circles
  • creating involvement in, associations, company, club or group of friends
  • generate more attention and interest for a wide range of sports
  • create more involvement within regional clubs and sports events
  • automate pool management
  • Keep participation and management simple, fast and fun

The power of connecting

Would you like to create your own pool and have complete freedom in the sports you choose and connect your participants in a fun way with each other, your company or club? Contact us for more information or start right away.

Do you want to create your own pool and have complete freedom in the sports to be chosen and do you want your participants to connect your company or club in a fun way? Please contact us for more information or possibilities.