About Kings Score

Organizing pools and participating is great fun and demonstrably binding, but unfortunately often time consuming and frustrating for the organizer by the many manual administration. Existing solutions are often focused on the well-known teams and sports, but what if you want to combine sports or focus on your own club or tournament?


Existing pool solutions often focus on the well-known sports. Kings Score is King of everyone and gives pool organisers the freedom to set up pools entirely according to their own wishes. Create a pool focused on your favourite sport, combine sports or choose matches of your own club. Kings Score then takes care of the administration in a fully automated manner. In addition, participants can always fill in their predictions, look back at the rounds of play and see the results and intermediate results within the Kings Score Platform.


Kings Score wants to connect, relieve, interest and enthuse by, among other things;

  • connect people in or between different social circles with each other through sports
  • Creating involvement in, among other things, associations or companies
  • generate more attention and interest for (wide-ranging) sport
  • create more involvement in regional clubs and sporting events
  • automate the management of a pool
  • Keep participation and management simple, fast and fun

The power of connecting

The Kings Score concept was conceived by Danny, Rens and Dave. Three friends who grew up with each other or got to know each other through the sport, are still big fans of it and have been participants or organisers of sports poles within different social circles.

Kings Score was developed from the experience that organizing pools connects people in a fun way and promotes a sense of belonging. This involvement ensures that people feel that they are part of the club or the company.

Do you want to create your own pool and have complete freedom in the sports to be chosen and do you want your participants to connect your company or club in a fun way? Please contact us for more information or possibilities.