Create football, basketball or Rugby pool

Organize a football pool or create pools with a different sport, but do not feel like time-consuming administration all freedom in the choice of matches of your own football club or team, matches from the region and / or want to combine this with (inter) national top matches?

Easily create and manage a football or rugby pool

Kings score has been developed from the experience that organizing and creating a pool allows people to connect with each other within football clubs and companies in a fun way and this promotes the sense of togetherness. Organizing and managing a football pool with the help of King Sport is super simple and pools can be arranged to your own taste. Example; Football pool with different levels and competitions You can also create a pool in which you let the participants predict other sports outside of football matches such as Hockey, Tennis, football, Darts, Pool, Handball, Water Polo, Basketball, Rugby or whatever sport!

Organize your own pool

As a Pool organizer you can log in via the Koning Sport Platform. The number of rounds, competitions, participants and types of sports can be determined entirely according to your own wishes. Imagine Danny is organizing a group. He manages the group in 3 simple steps. Enter the games to predict Enter the result Organize a football pool Royal environment for participants For each game round, each participant receives a unique link for him or her to fill in predictions. These are presented in a super fit environment and can be reached via mobile, tablet or desktop, making predicting football matches just a push or click of a button! The crown The predictions can then be confirmed or adjusted in the total overview and it is time to use The Crown. If you predict the match with the Cown well, you will earn 1.5 points extra If you predict the match with crown error, you will lose 2 points

Online football, rugby or basketball pool; Mobile, PC and Tablet

Koning Sport is available on the PC, simply in your browser. But participants can also enter predictions super fast on the road via smartphone or tablet. No more miserable administration Koning Sport automatically takes the administration of your football pool off your hands while you can determine the matches yourself. In addition, participants can always fill in predictions, review game rounds and view results and standings within the King Sport Platform. King Sscore itself is not an organizer of groups, does not in principle award prizes and gambling is not possible. Do you want to create a football pool yourself and have complete freedom in the sports to choose and connect your participants to your company or club in a fun way? Contact us for the possibilities or a demo.