Kings Score: Your unique predictor in an instant

Do you want to set up a unique pool with your friends, colleagues or teammates and predict football, handball, hockey or other sports matches without endless fumbling in Excel? Why not try Kings Score for 14 days for free?

They also play a predictor at Kings Score:

Why organize a prediction game via Kings Score?

Good question. This is what our current clubs and companies enjoy about Kings Score

  • They are completely free to choose their own competitions and sports divisions.
  • Managing the predictor as an administrator takes minutes, not hours.
  • Great flexibility as they can add top international leagues or local amateur clubs.
  • Extremely user-friendly and easy for participants to add predictions via mobile, tablet or desktop.
  • Promote camaraderie and competitive small talk within your club.
  • No more time-consuming and boring admin in Excel
  • Get your game active within a few minutes

Are you interested in further personalization of the prediction game environment to match your clubs look and feel? You could use your own club colours, club and sponsor logos or even your very own domain name to make it 100% your own. All possibilities are available!

Simple steps for administrator and players

Step 1

Create your unique predictor

Step 2

Add your unique matches

Step 3

Have participants predict the outcomes of the matches

Step 4

Sit back, relax and let King Score calculate the scores!

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