European Championship prediction Pool 2020

Kings score is a unique concept and makes it possible to automatically organize a European Pool during the European Football Championship that takes place in 12 different countries! Let a sporting struggle erupt within your company, club or group of friends and support Orange. Euro 2020 prediction competition Saturday November 30, 2019 is the draw for the final tournament European Championship 2020 in Bucharest. Who is going to hit the top favorites is not yet predictable and depends on the ranking within the European qualifying pool.

Why a European Pool via Kings Score?

Create your own pool with your own predictions A sporting competition within your group of friends, colleagues and company or club. The entire tournament affects your predictions Fully automated management by Kings Score

Participation in the World Cup pool

Participation in the World Cup group is super easy, fast and fun Costs Euro Pool For € 99 you can already have a World Cup group of up to 20 participants. Per additional participant € 5. More than 100 participants? Let us know and we will offer a customized solution. Register, WK demo group or questions Register for an EC Pool, a demo group, questions or more background about the terms and conditions. Let the king know via the contact form or send an email.