Formula 1 Predictor 2024


The new F1 season will start on March 2, 2024. Join the public Formula 1 predictor or play the predictor with your colleagues, friends or club members. No worries about management and enter F1 predictions on mobile, tablet, desktop or app at the touch of a button. Who will be World Champion this season? Charles Leclerc, Lewis Hamilton, Sergio Perez, George Russel or surely Max Verstappen?

Voorspelling Formule 1

Betreed het nieuwe tijdperk met jouw eigen F1 spel 2023!

Voorspel samen met met jouw collega’s, vrienden of clubleden. Verdien iedere Grand Prix punten met verschillende vragen. 
Wie gaat er dit seizoen Wereldkampioen worden? Wordt het misschien Lewis Hamilton, Charles Leclerc, Sergio Perez of toch Max Verstappen

Vragen die nog meer kunnen woorden voorspelt zijn:

  • Wie gaat de Grand Prix winnen?
  • Wie rijdt de snelste race-ronde in de vrije trainingen?
  • Hoe vaak komt er een safety car in deze race?


Verdien ook punten in de speciale bonusronde! Hier worden vragen gesteld als:

  • Wie wordt er dit seizoen Wereldkampioen?
  • Welk team haalt de meeste punten? Aston Martin, Red Bull Racing of    MC Laren?
  • Hoeveel pole positions pakt Max Verstappen dit seizoen?

Why a GP Predictor through Kings Score?


An Grand Prix Predictor in Excel, malfunctioning free online solutions, tinkering with a solution yourself, or pool platforms that resell your company data to gambling companies. This can and should be different. With King Score;

verbinding sportpoule

Connection & interaction

super fast a sportive battle
with lots of interaction with your brand or
organization and the company logo
the whole F1 season in view

eenvoudig op elke device

Easy on any device

at the touch of a button your F1
enter your prediction on
mobile, tablet or desktop

kroon zetten sportpoule

The King unburdens

no need to worry about management
and you avoid cumbersome
administration in Excel

They also play through Kings Score:

Waarom een Formule 1 poule via Koning Sport?

Een Formule 1 Poule in Excel, niet goed werkende gratis online oplossingen, zelf sleutelen aan een oplossing, of poule platformen die jouw bedrijfsdata doorverkopen aan gokbedrijven. Dit kan en moet anders. Met Koning Sport;

  • supersnel een sportieve strijd en verbinding tussen deelnemers
  • veel interactie met jouw merk of organisatie
  • jouw bedrijfslogo het hele F1 seizoen in beeld
  • Jouw data niet gedeeld + advertentievrij
  • geen omkijken naar beheer en voorkomt omslachtige administratie in Excel

Een F1 poule passend bij jouw huisstijl?

In jouw huisstijlkleuren en jouw logo centraal.


GP Predictor 2024

Poule Voorspellen


24 ROUNDS – Predict the final results of 24 races!

Poule Voorspellen


Fun questions about drivers and race progression each round (Predict the top 3 in qualifying from the GP of Las Vegas – United States)

Poule Voorspellen


Predict this season incl. fun bonus questions (Will Aston Martin of Alfa Romeo get more points this weekend?)

Easily predict the F1 season

Step 1

Easy sign-up for the grand prix predictor

Step 2

Quickly predict Formula 1 questions through the unique interface

Step 3

One winner each round + one winner of the overall standings


Start the F1 2024 Predictor now from 49 EURO. View the packages for more info based on your number of participants.

Calculate your package based on the expected number of participants via the Order button below

Prince License

From €49
  • Score update after every race
  • Logo in predictor environment
  • Multiple administrators
  • Support 24/7
  • Giphys in prediction screens
  • Desktop / Mobile / Tablet / App
  • View statistics participants
  • Subleagues
  • Multilingual
  • Add your own texts
Chosen most

King License

From €149
  • Score update after every match
  • Logo in predictor environment
  • Multiple administrators
  • Support 24/7
  • Giphys in prediction screens
  • Desktop / Mobile / Tablet / App
  • View statistics participants
  • Subleagues
  • Multilingual
  • Add your own texts


Wil je ook een Koninklijk overzicht van alle races, tijden en circuits? Download nu onze Formule 1 poster gratis in PDF en vul alle uitslagen in!

Are you interested in a collaboration with Kings Score, or do you have any questions concerning starting your Formula 1 Predictor? Inform the King, and he’ll get in touch with you within 24 hours.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    If you have any questions, get in touch with the King.

    How many rounds of play does the F1 Predictor have?

    In total there are 24 rounds and 1 bonus round. Are you going to win the World Championships?

    How soon can we start playing?

    In minutes! After signing up, you add the logo to the Predictor League, and we’ll send you a unique link to share with participants.

    Can staff and/or customers play for free?

    Certainly. The league is mostly purchased by companies to increase connection and involvement with the company/brand or sports tournaments, so participants aren’t charged anything.

    Can the game be played white label?

    Yes, on request, we can offer the fantasy league as a white label product. The regular leagues take place by making an account on Kings Score. If you want, we can match this to your brand identity.

    How many participants can I expect?

    Of course, this depends on how intensively you promote the league to your colleagues, but, for instance, the EC adn WC should see 80 – 90% of all staff joining, depending on how excited you can make your colleagues to join the league.

    What happens to the personal data of my staff/customers?

    The King quards his fort intensively, and adheres to a number of principles:

    • Data is not shared with third parties.
    • Participants can change their settings and remove themselves.
    • The King will not display ads.

    Can the Predictor League be played on any device?

    Yes, Kings Score can be played on desktop, tablet, and mobile. There is also an app.

    Can we play department or location leagues?

    Certainly, by making sub leagues for different locations, departments, or customers

    Interesse in een samenwerking met Koning Sport of vragen rond het starten van jouw unieke poule? Laat het de Koning weten en hij neemt binnen 24 uur contact met je op.

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