Your unique pool
in no time!

Your unique pool
in no time!

Organize a unique pool and predict matches with your club members, friends or at the office? But don't feel like endlessly messing around in Excel. Let The King help. Organize your EURO 2021 prediction game? or Make your unique football, hockey, rugby, baseball or basketball pool.

Why set up a pool with Kings Score?

Good question. Among other reasons:
  • you have complete freedom in choosing matches and sports
  • you manage your pool and rounds in minutes. Quickly set up.
  • No boring administration in Excel for hours
  • Enter predictions on mobile, tablet or desktop with a single click

Simple steps for administrator and participant

Step 1: Create your unique pool and rounds

Come up with a nice name, write a short text, throw in a popping image and add participants to the pool.

Step 2: Add your unique matches

Select your own unique matches or choose from top international leagues. Determine how participants will predict. Do they choose a winner, draw, loser or the exact result?

Step 3: Let participants predict the matches

Participants receive an e-mail per round with a link to the matches to be predicted. They can make their predictions via mobile, tablet or desktop.

Step 4: Let Kings Score calculate the scores

If participants put a crown on a correct prediction, they receive extra points. When the results are in, Kings Score scores and rankings are automatically announced to the participants.

Increase engagement with your friends or within your club or company!

  • Promote "canteen talk" and rivalry within your club
  • Prevent annoying administration in Excel
  • Your pool and rounds will be active in a few minutes

A pool environment with your unique domain, the club logo prominently displayed and your own club logos and photos to the prediction screens? That's possible. Please contact us and let us know your wishes.

How does the payment work? add

There are 3 options:
1) A payment request will be sent per participant by Kings Score to pay the license fee. Once a participant has paid this fee, he or she gets access to the pool.
2) The club takes care of the license fee. The club indicates how many participants the pool contains after which the payment can be made directly online.
3) An invoice will be sent to the poule organizer after you know how much participants participate

For which sports can I use Kings Score? add

Kings Score can be used for all sports! Make a football pool, or build your own hockey, baseball or basketball pool. Want to focus on one match like the Super Bowl. No problem! Create your own unique questions en let participants predict! NFL, NBA, Premier leaugue NCAA, NHL or any other type of level!