Playing Rules

We don’t believe in a king who sets too many rules. The rules of Kings Score are therefore very simple:

Kings Score point count

  • Predictions are the final score after full time (90 minutes + injury time), unless stated otherwise
  • Every correctly predicted match (win, loss or draw) – 10 points
  • You are obliged to set the Crown on 1 match per round
  • Well-predicted match with Crown – 15 points
  • Wrong predicted match with Crown – 10 points deduction
  • Correctly predicted score / number of goals – 7 points
  • Did you predict the result correctly – 2 x 7 = 14 points
  • If the number of points result in a tie, the winner is determined by who filled in the prediction first.
  • Send your prediction for the end time
  • Have FUN!

World Cup Bonus Round

  • For each correctly predicted final ranking of a team in group phase – you will receive 7 points
  • Which round does the Netherlands reach – you receive 25 points
  • How many direct red cards – you receive 25 points
  • Who will score more goals Messi or Ronaldo – you get 25 points
  • Top scorer WC – you will receive 25 points
  • World Cup winner correctly predicted – you will receive 40 points
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