Kings Score

Create your unique sportpool

Without time-consuming pool administration

What is Kings Score?

Would you like to create organize a sportpool for your colleagues, partners, club members or friends? But you don't feel like doing a time-consuming manual administration?

Kings Score is the solution for easily organizing, creating and managing your own sportpool. Start for free or upgrade to Pro or Unlimited for extra features within the super-fit online environment.

Calculate rankings, send reminders and determine weekly winners? That's what the Kings Score Platform will do for you. Kings Score is everyone's King. Decide for yourself if you pick matches from your own club, your favourite sport or if you combine sports. A pool for football, hockey, hand ball or any other sports. From your own tournament to an Euro 2020 pool!

Kings Score can be used for almost all sports!

And much more! All team sports can be put in pool!