Organize your own sport prediction pool

Play Kings Score for free and becomes king in predicting of competitions! Playing a pool is completely free up to 2 rounds! So what's stopping you?

What is Kings Score? You want to organize a pool for your clubmates, friends or company where you choose the competitions, levels and sports, but no time or desire for a manual and time-consuming administration?

Start your own pool

For a license fee, Kings Score port is the solution for easily organizing, creating and managing your own sports pool in a super fit online environment. Calculate intermediate positions, send reminders and determine weekly winners? The Kings Score Sport Platform does that for you. A football pool, hockey, handball or any sport. Accessible and fast for participants, efficient for the organizer, in short: fun and connecting for everyone! Read the rules here This is how you start your own group Kings Score can be used for almost all sports! And much more!

Create aand play the an Euro 2020 prediction pool Organize, predict and create football, basketball, rugby prediction pool

Predict all sports

You can put all team sports in a pool! Participate as a company or (sports) association? Joining your company or association is no problem! Koning Sport ensures that several teams can participate in their own pools and laps. As a company or association, you can take out a season ticket with an unlimited number of users, groups and laps. Guaranteed playing pleasure!