About us


The beginning of the Kingdom

Started from the sports canteen to automate cumbersome administration around poule management, Kings Score now provides poules for numerous companies and business(clubs). In this way, we hope to contribute to connecting people in a fun and interactive way.  We do this by means of an Euro predictor, F1 Predictor, but also events such as the Olympic Games.    

The Kings Score​ team:

Rens de Jonge, King Marketing 

On the online playing field, Rens feels at home. If the King wants to conquer distant lands or bring a message to the people, Rens advises the King on this. To escape from the King for a while now and then, Rens plays Padel, picks up his guitar and can regularly be found at the local football club.  

Danny Koning, King Poule

Poule fanatic from the very beginning. Follows numerous sports closely and knows everything about how to make a pool a success. He is also often right in his predictions, thus living up to his surname. As a member of KNRM, he is also your lifeline for all your betting-related questions.

Carlos Klop, ICT King

A sporty IT guy? There certainly are. Having tinkered with computers since childhood, he can also be admired on the football pitch. Besides online surfing, Carlos can regularly be found at the surf club and, both on the wild sea and within IT, does not shy away from a challenge.

Mees Hoogenboom, Koning Support

Within Kings Score, we have a secret asset to take your sports pool experience to unprecedented heights. With his passion for sports and his eye for detail, he will ensure that your adventure with Kings Score runs smoothly, from the first whistle to the final victory dance!

What makes Kings Score unique?

Poules in Excel, free online solutions that don't work well, tinkering with a solution yourself, or pool platforms that resell your company data to gambling companies. This can and should be different;

  • Your company data safe + ad-free
  • No worries about management
  • Also possibilities for a custom-made pool


Kings Score takes care of the fully automated administration, calculation and publication of rankings.

Kings Score aims to connect, relieve, interest and enthuse by;

  • connecting people in or between different social circles through sport
  • creating involvement in e.g. an association or company
  • generating more attention for and interest in (amateur) sports
  • creating more involvement in regional clubs and sports competitions
  • automate the management of a pool
  • keeping participation and management simple, fast and fun

The power of connecting

Would you like to create your own pool and have complete freedom in which sports to choose and connect your participants with each other, your company or club in a fun way? Get in touch at info@koningsport.nl for more information or start immediately.

* Kings Score acts in accordance with the Games of Chance Act and the Code of Conduct for Promotional Games of Chance. By using Kings Score, all organisers and participants undertake to do the same and not misuse the platform.

Kings Score

Havenstraat 55

2681 LC Monster (Westland)



+31 70 221 0790, call by appointment only

CoC-number: 68894430 

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How can we help?
Interested in a collaboration with Kings Score or have questions about starting your unique predictor? Let the King know, and he will contact you within 24 hours.