A Women’s World Cup Predictor through King Score

Are you looking for a way to organize a Women’s World Cup 2023 predictor in Australia & New Zealand with your colleagues, clients or club members? Then Kings Score offers the perfect solution with a unique Women’s World Cup Predictor, available from only €99. The management of the predictor is completely taken out of your hands and with one push of a button you can enter your Women’s World Cup predictions via your mobile, tablet or desktop.

Waarom het WK voorspellen via Koning Sport?

Een WK Poule in Excel, niet goed werkende gratis online oplossingen, zelf sleutelen aan een oplossing, of poule platformen die jouw bedrijfsdata doorverkopen aan gokbedrijven. Dit kan en moet anders. Met Koning Sport;

  • supersnel een sportieve strijd en verbinding tussen deelnemers
  • veel interactie met jouw bedrijf of club in 8 spannende rondes
  • Het bedrijfslogo het hele WK in beeld
  • Jouw data niet gedeeld + advertentievrij
  • geen omkijken naar beheer en voorkomt omslachtige administratie in Excel

Why predict the World Cup through Kings Score?

nstead of working with a World Cup predictor in Excel, free online solutions that don’t work well, putting together a solution yourself or using a pool platform that resells company data to gambling companies, there is another way. Kings Score offers a solution;

verbinding sportpoule

Connection & interaction

super fast a sportive battle
with lots of interaction with your brand or
organization and the company logo
The entire Women’s World Cup football in focus

eenvoudig op elke device

Easy on any device

at the touch of a button  
enter your Women’s World Cup predictions 2023 on mobile, tablet or desktop

kroon zetten sportpoule

The King unburdens

no need to worry about management
and you avoid cumbersome
administration in Excel

They also play through Kings Score:

Rounds we are playing this Women's WC 2023

Poule Voorspellen


With questions such as: Who will be World Champion 2023 and top scorer of this tournament?

Poule Voorspellen


Predicting results of 16 matches of 32 teams

Poule Voorspellen


Incl. fun bonus questions related to our Dutch Women (Will Miedema score this match?)

Easily predict WC Women's soccer matches

Step 1

Sign up for the World Cup 2023 Predictor at the King's

Step 2

You will receive a unique sign-up link to share with participants

Step 3

One winner each round + one winner of the overall standings


Start your own Women’s World Cup Predictor now from 99 EURO. See the packages for more info based on your number of participants

WC Women Predictor

Curious about all the possibilities? View the pricing below.
  • Score update after every match
  • No worries about predictor management
  • Logo in pool environment
  • Support 24/7
Price from €99

Neem contact op voor meer info. 


Voor als je eerst even wilt rondkijken in het kasteel van de koning.
  • Probeer 14 dagen gratis


Onderstaande prijs gaat uit van 25 deelnemers. Meer deelnemers? Klik hieronder op Kies Jouw pakket.
  • Score update na elke wedstrijd
  • Logo in poule-omgeving
  • Meerdere beheerders
  • Support 24/7
  • Giphys in voorspelschermen
  • Desktop / mobiel / tablet / app
  • Statistieken inzien deelnemers
  • Subleaugues
  • Meertalig
  • Zelf teksten toevoegen


Wil je meer achtergrond m.b.t. het organiseren van jouw eigen WK-Poule? Download nu de brochure voor meer informatie!

Questions? Ask them to the King and receive an answer within 24 hours.

Are you interested in a collaboration with Kings Score, or do you have any questions concerning starting your Women World Cup Predictor? Inform the King, and he’ll get in touch with you within 24 hours.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Contact The King if you have further questions.

    When is the 2023 Women's World Cup?

    The Fifa Women World Cup starts at July 20, 2023 and end on August 20, 2023.

    Who is the previous World Champion?

    In 2015 and 2019 there were two different winners namely Sweden in 2015 and the United States won in 2019 with trainer Vlatko Andonovski

    How soon can we start the game?

    Within minutes! After signing up, you can add the logo to the predictor and you will receive a unique link from us that you can share with your participants.

    Do employees and/or customers play for free?

    Yes definitely, the predictor is mostly taken by companies to increase connection and engagement with the company/brand or sports tournaments, so participants are not asked to contribute.

    Can the game be whitelabeled?

    Yes, we can offer the predictor as a white-label product on request. Regular poules take place by creating an account on King Sport. We can also fully customise this to your corporate identity if required.

    How many participants can I expect?

    Obviously depending on how intensively you promote the predictor to your colleagues as well, but at e.g. the European Championship and World Cup, 80 – 90% of the workforce should be able to participate, obviously also depending on how enthusiastic colleagues are made to participate in the predictor 😊

    What happens to the data of my employees/customers?

    The King guards its fortress intensively, following a number of principles;

    – Data is not shared with third parties.
    – Participants can change their settings and remove themselves.
    – No advertisements are shown by the King

    What other predictors do you offer?

    Currently, the King offers an Euro PredictorWorld Cup PredictorPremier League Predictor & Tour de France Predictor, among others. Upon request, the King will also develop a unique predictor for your favorite club or sport.

    Can the predictor be played on all devices?

    Yes both on desktop, tablet and mobile the King Score predictor game can be played. And there is also an app.

    Can departmental or venue rankings also be played?

    You certainly can, by creating separate subleagues for different locations, departments or customers.

    Excelsior ’31 soccer pool; King speaking

    Chairman Harald Eertink of Excelsior ’31 explains why within his club a royal soccer pool is being deployed through King Score.

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