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The 2024 Summer Olympics is set to begin on July 26, 2024. Play now with your own predictor with your colleagues, friends or club members. No worries about management and enter Olympic Games predictions on mobile, tablet, desktop or app with one click. Which countries will win the most medals this edition?

They also play through Kings Score:

Why predict the Olympics through Kings Score?

A Tour de France Predictor in Excel, malfunctioning free online solutions, tinkering with a solution yourself, or poule platforms that resell your company data to gambling companies. This can and should be different. With the Tour de France 2023 Game via Kings Score;

Connection & interaction

super fast a sportive battle
with lots of interaction with your brand or
organization and the company logo
the entire Olympics 2024 game in view  

Easy on any device

At the touch of a button, enter your OG
prediction on
mobile, tablet or desktop   

The King unburdens

no need to worry about management
and you avoid cumbersome
administration in Excel

Easily predict the Olympics 2024

Step 1

One-time easy sign-up for the predictor

Step 2

Quickly predict Olympics questions through the unique interface

Step 3

One winner each round + one winner of the overall standings

Rounds Olympic Games Paris 2024

Ek Poule Bedrijf


Predict on all 32 Olympic sports during the Paris Games

Ek Poule App


Each round fun questions about the different sports (Predict the top 3 in Athletics)

Ek Poule App


Predict this season incl. fun bonus questions (How many gold medals will England win?)



Start your own Games 2024 Predictor now from 99 EURO. Check out the packages for more info based on your number of participants. 

Prince License

FROM € 49

  •   Score update after every match
  •   Logo in predictor environment
  •   Multiple administrators
  •  Support 24/7
  •  Giphys in prediction screens
  •  Desktop / Mobile / Tablet / App
  • View statistics participants
  • Subleagues
  •  Multilingual​
  •  Add your own texts​

ing License

FROM € 149

  •  Score update after every match
  •  Logo in predictor environment
  •  Multiple administrators
  •  Support 24/7
  •  Giphys in prediction screens
  •  Desktop / mobile / tablet / app
  •   View statistics participants
  •  Subleagues
  •  Multilingual
  •  Add your own texts

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, get in touch with the King or see our FAQ section.

The 2024 Olympic Games in Paris begin on July 26, 2024, and end on August 11, 2024.

In minutes! After signing up, you add the logo to the Predictor League, and we’ll send you a unique link to share with participants.

Certainly. The league is mostly purchased by companies to increase connection and involvement with the company/brand or sports tournaments, so participants aren’t charged anything.

Yes, on request, we can offer the predictor as a white label product. The regular leagues take place by making an account on Kings Score. If you want, we can match this to your brand identity.

Of course, this depends on how intensively you promote the league to your colleagues, but, for instance, the EC adn WC should see 80 – 90% of all staff joining, depending on how excited you can make your colleagues to join the league.

The King quards his fort intensively, and adheres to a number of principles:

  • Data is not shared with third parties.
  • Participants can change their settings and remove themselves.
  • The King will not display ads.

Currently, the King offers an Euro PredictorWorld Cup PredictorPremier League Predictor & Tour de France Predictor, among others. Upon request, the King will also develop a unique predictor for your favorite club or sport.

Yes, Kings Score can be played on desktop, tablet, and mobile. There is also an app.

Certainly, by making sub leagues for different locations, departments, or customers  

Questions for the King?

Are you interested in a collaboration with Kings Score, or do you have any questions concerning starting your own Euro 2024 Predictor? Inform the King, and he’ll get in touch with you within 24 hours.

Bedankt voor je bericht

De Koning zal zo snel mogelijk contact met je opnemen.

They also play through Kings Score: